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Our Mission & Vision

We aspire to tackle every issue in the underprivileged society. Mainly the issues stemming from housemaids being overworked & underpaid. Leading to them not being able to spend time at their own house nurturing kids and teaching them the basic fundamentals of life. Their youth have to learn the ways of life without a cardinal role model at various steps of life. Our team believe this is a major issue neglected and overlooked even though these youths in turn could play a vital role in building our country’s future.

So here at EK UDAAN we not only help them resolve it but also rather highlight and generate awareness of various such issues.

The EK UDAAN team essentially aims to guide the youth of housemaids and the underprivileged society as a whole to build the right foundation as well as plan to raise funds and guide their teenagers or young adults to help build their business ideas into reality

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Ek Udaan is an enterprising platform through which we share our experience and views for new & young Entrepreneurs,
it is a Non-Profit, Non-Political and Purely Open Platform for all.